What Is The Best Roof Rake For Snow Removal?

In winter when snowfall is a regular matter. You need to remove huge snow from your roof, car, road and other things every day. For this, you must need the best roof rake for snow removal. Do you know how can you select the best roof rake for snow removal? If your answer is “No” and you wanted to know the answer. Then you are in right place and in this article, we will try to present you the best answer to your question…best roof rake

You use roof rake for removing snow from your home roof. It prevents your roof from structural damage and glaze of color. But there is so many roof rake for snow removal are available in the market. Which should you buy and which one is fit for you? To find the answer to your question. You must have a good knowledge about the feature of an ideal roof rake for snow removal.

The best roof rake for snow removal at a cheap rate can save your money, energy and time. By the best snow roof rake, you can remove huge snow, an ice dam in a short time. You can also try to make a roof rake for snow removal on your own.

Features of the best roof rake for snow removal

The best roof rake for snow removal has some features those are given below…


best roof rake

Plastic made snow roof rake is better than a metal one. A metal made snow roof rake may be heavy where a plastic made is lightweight. It is easy for you to move the snow roof rake while you are working. Sometimes a metal one may be rust but the plastic one never rust. The metal one is more durable and hardworking than a plastic one. The aluminum roof rake is better than any other roof rake ever. Because it is lightweight as plastic snow roof rake but durable or long-lasting as a metal one. Though the aluminum roof rake is not too much sturdy it is long-lasting than a plastic one and zero possibility of rust.


There is various size roof rake for snow removal are available in the market. The size of a snow roof rake doesn’t mean the dimension of the product. Actually, the size means that the length of the handle and wide of the blade. The 21′ x 25″ size means that the handle is 21 feet long and the blade is 25 inches wide. The snow removal of that size Snow Joe RJ205M Aluminum Roof Rake – Blue
20’x 24″ size roof rake for snow removal is AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Quick Connect Lightweight Aluminum Handle
16’x 22″ size roof rake for snow removal isMidwest Rake 96022 22-Inch Aluminum Snow Removal Roof Rake
25’x 25″ size roof rake for snow removal is Aluminum Roof Rake

The long handed snow roof rake is better than a short one. A long handle snow roof rake helps you to remove the snow from the high roof. It ensures that you can remove ice dam or snow from your roof by standing on the ground. By a more wide blade you can remove more snow at a time it can save your time.

Bending handle is better than straight

best roof rakeBending handed snow roof rake is better than straight handed. If your roof is downward sloping then bending handed snow roof rake is better than straight handed to you. Bending handle may also help you to remove the snow from the corner of the roof.

Telescoping handle is better

Telescoping handle is better than a fixed handle. In this case, the handle has quick connector by this you make the handle long or short easily. When you want to reach the pick or the farthest part of the roof.  You make the handle long by adding the handle poles one after one with the help of a quick connector. When you don’t need the long handle, you may take off the handle poles and make it short.

Rollers, bumpers, or wheels

best roof rakeRollers, bumpers, or wheels is another good feature of an ideal snow roof rake. It helps the snow roof rake to move easily. Rollers, bumpers, or wheels save the roof from rubbing with the blade. Generally, the wheel situated below the blade. If there is no rollers or wheels it may take too much force to remove the snow. And the blade directly rubbing with the roof. So the surface and the shingles of the roof may damage that reduce the life of your roof.

Blade Extension

Blade Extension is also known as the brackets those connect the blade with the handle tightly. It makes the blade durable and helps to pull the snow dam. Without it, the blade may break or replace easily and also the blade in the perfect way.

Snow removal cloth

Snow removal cloth is needed for removing the snow or ice dam without rubbing with the roof. If the ice dam rubbing with the roof it may damage the surface or shingles of the roof. To avoid the rubbing you need a cloth with your snow removal. It also to fall the ice dam or snow from roof to ground easily.

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