How To Make A Roof Rake For Snow Removal?

In winter when snowfall is a regular matter. And you need to remove huge snow from your roof, car, road and other things every day. So, you must need the best roof rake for snow removal. You may buy it from a market or you can make it by yourself in your home. Now a question may arise in your mind how to make and which material could you use to make it. And how to use the material and which steps should you follow to make it. In this page, we will try to present the best answer to these questions.

First of all, you see the full video very attentively then you read the description below…

You need some instrument for making a roof rake for snow.And follow some steps to making this. There are so many types of roof rake for snow removal. So, you may make it in a different way by using a different type of materials. Generally, you need for making roof rake for removing snow from your home roof.

It prevents your roof from structural damage and glaze of color. You need some foot of flat aluminum, a cloth, two wheels, an aluminum tube for making a handle of this snow roof rake and some other accessories.

The great advantage of the homemade roof rake is you can make and design it according to your demand. You can make a good, strong, and a durable snow roof rake at a cheap cost. It can bring satisfaction to your mind because everything of this roof rake is known to you.

 Steps you should follow

To make a frame for snow roof rake first we take a 4-foot piece of flat aluminum. It is one and a half inches wide and eight inches thick plus. Then you need a quarter inch threaded rod, a nine and a half foot long trap. That was about ten bucks, some machine screws, and anti-skid pads for wheels.

If you want your contraption ten inches high you measured ten inches from either side of the four-foot piece of aluminum. Then you need to bend the piece of aluminum to ninety degrees on both sides. After the bending process, you need to make sure you had ninety degrees and that looks pretty good.

After that, you may go to the next step with your bending frame and the corners. Though the frame is pretty flexible so, you need to give or take a quarter inch probably is not gonna matter too much. Then you enlarge the heavy duty pads to fit the end of this metal rod. Then you put the vise grips right on the wheel itself to hold the washer in place because of its loose. If you need you can drill the pad and make it fit for adjusting with the bending roof rake for snow

You need to make sure that the pad adjusts with the aluminum frame in both ends that about a half an inch or you need to find the right place where it works well. Then you find the dead center point and make the hole by a drill in both ends in the aluminum bent frame.

 Making frame

After that, you enter the treated rod through both holes of the aluminum frame and put these little wheels to adjusting the threaded rod with the aluminum frame properly. Then you measure around the frame so, that you had 28 inches width on the top and the bottom. Where you adjust the wheel and a nylon nut that you need to measure in the threaded rod needs to be three-quarters of an inch past the ends.

best roof rake for snow

Then you need to put on the threaded rod to the 28 inches mark. You have to wing it here so, you need 3/4 plus 1/8 with a couple of thread and might as well the other side. You may speed this up just to keep it short and the locking nuts on the inside then mounted that on the bracket so, you took the little pad/wheels and put them on either side after that put on the nylon nuts, locking nuts on the outside.

 Adding cloth

You can use the vise grips on the threaded rod just to keep from spinning. You can use the washer to make a tight and proper adjustment of the pad/wheel with the frame. After that, you may screw it down to see how the wheel works well.

Now you need the part of cloth or fabric which you want to add the trap to the bracket. At first fold, it over maybe overlaps it like four inches over the threaded rod. It about 27 and a quarter inch from locking nut. You cut off the top edge because it had an eyelet on it. Then you cut nine and a half feet of trap twenty-seven and a quarter inch across or according to your need.

best roof rake for snow

So, after cutting down the trap to size folding it over the threaded rod and about to tape it down using duct tape. It holds on not too bad and you can also use a tougher tape or another way of holding that trap on. In this case, the trap secured threaded rod.

You can use a PVC pipe as it’s a handle for that you first mounting the bracket of the PVC pipe. The pipe is fit inside the roof rake pole and you can use a 3/16 machine screw to attach it to the roof rake. Then attach the PVC pipe to the bracket. To do so you drilled at the end of the pipe and set a screw which fit in there and locks into place so, it doesn’t move.


Through this task finally, you can finish making a roof rake for snow removal in your home with no cost or little cost. Now it is time for testing your roof rake for snow removal.

Snow removal cloth is needed for removing the snow or ice dam without rubbing with the roof. If the ice dam rubbing with the roof it may damage the surface or shingles of the roof. To avoid the rubbing you need a cloth with your snow removal. It also to fall the ice dam or snow from roof to ground easily.

For more information about the making of a roof rake for snow removal, you can see the full video below……

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