Earthquake Auger Reviews: Must Read Before Buy

Earthquake is one of the best brands that can ensure to stop manually digging post holes and make it automatic. This post hole digger is very easy to use with a lightweight design. It has a heavy-duty construction with a 5-year warranty.

Earthquake Auger Reviews

There are a lot of great features that have made this digger different from other products. If you intend to get a hole digger, you may notice that there are a lot of post holes digger offered in the marketplace.

This is a powerful little powerhead that one person can use. If you’ve never owned an auger before, take in mind that you’ll need to buy a bit for it that is the exact size for the shaft, because each manufacturer has their own size shaft and it is near impossible to find an adapter to fit a different manufacturer’s bit.

Earthquake Auger Post Hole Digger Reviews

The main features of this post hole digger are given below…

  • RELIABLE – Outstanding power, durability and efficiency. Industrial air filtration keeps dirt out
  • DURABLE – Lightweight, heavy-duty construction; Ball bearing, alloy gear transmission
  • EASY-TO-USE – Easy-to-grip fingertip throttle control
  • COMFORTABLE – anti-vibration, foam-grip handles
  • WARRANTY – 5-year warranty on the product

The Good

  • Easy start
  • Durability and efficiency
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Alloy gear transmission
  • Comfortable anti-vibration

The Bad

  • Only head
  • A bit costly

Our Analysis on Earthquake Auger Post Hole Digger with Full Crankshaft Engine

This is an excellent tool and a great value. There are different sizes available. If you’re looking to put 4×4 posts into the ground, I recommend an 8″ bit. This powerhead will dig right down through the hard Kansas clay and will greatly lessen your work time!

Depending on the bit you buy, you’ll also need to keep in mind that the bit will not always draw all the dirt out of the hole, so you should also use a manual post hole digger to pull out the excess dirt.

EARTHQUAKE E43 1-Person Earth AugerYou do not want to try or think this will just plow right through rocks or concrete, it won’t. When you do work like this, you need a tool that starts and performs. This tool does that. In fact, I left mine running most of the time even if I set it down to clean out the hole with the post hole diggers. Yes, you will still need post hole diggers to clean the holes out.

This allowed me to plant 300 trees in two days. The tank lasts quite a while, it isn’t too heavy, and it’s easy to operate.

I did have one issue with the engine starting. When I filled the tank it was a warm day, everything was fine. The next day the temperature dropped by about 40 degrees. I couldn’t get the damn thing started; seemed like the engine wasn’t getting any gasoline – and it wasn’t.

Turns out that the gasoline had shrunk with the temperature change and the negative pressure was preventing anything from getting to the engine! I just had to open the cap to equalize the pressure and things were fine. After that, it starts every single time with just a few pulls.

This unit has plenty of power for that purpose and is lightweight. It is mostly welded [bolts shake loose]. A few important tips are given below…

1. If it keeps losing power/dying, first loosen the gas cap-if you hear a hiss, that just fixed it-the air vent is funky.
2. If you hit something hard while drilling, don’t fight it. Use a steel digging bar to smash through, then remove the debris and keep augering.
3. To quickly pull the dirt out of the augered hole, use a Shop Vac-just knock the dirt out of the filter periodically.
4. If you are small, use 2 people.

To get more information about this product you need to watch the full video here…

FAQ About Earthquake Auger Powerhead with 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine

Will this work for an eskimo10inch power ice auger?
Yes it will. However, the E43 Earth Auger is cared for warm weather but will work in the winter. It just starts a little harder.
Is there an auger for this that could drill through an 8-inch concrete patio?
Rent a heavy hammer drill and some 1/2″ concrete bits. Draw a circle on the concrete the size you want the hole to be. Drill holes on the inside edge of the circle, probably every 3/4″. When finished drilling, beat on the center with a 20-pound sled. If the piece gets stuck, put the drill on each of the holes, slant the bit about 25 degrees and drill in at an angle to break the strength of the concrete web
Does it reverse direction?
The Powerhead does not offer a reverse direction.

Earthquake EA8F Earth Auger, 8 INCH Diameter, 8-Inch, Red

You have to buy this auger along with the Earthquake E43 powerhead. 8-inch diameter is the most popular but you need to buy the one according to your work. The main features of the auger are given below…

  • CONVENIENT – Replaceable fishtail point and replaceable flex-coil shock spring
  • USE WITH – E43, Dually, 9800B and 9800H auger powerheads
  • DURABLE – AR400 abrasion resistant blade Auger is approximately 36 inches long
  • POWERFUL – Allows you to tackle outdoor projects or heavy-duty digging jobs
  • MATERIAL – All steel construction and fits on all Earthquake powerheads

Earthquake EA8F Earth Auger
I recently started to build a deck on my home that needed a total of 12 holes, 36 inches deep. This dirt blade worked great, the Eskimo powerhead had plenty of power and, thankfully, the transmission held up fine.

I went into the project dreading the first day when I would start the holes. It was still a lot of work and had to use a digging bar and post hole digger for larger rocks I came across, but the dirt auger saved me a ton of time and work. My only advice is if you need to go any deeper than 25 or 30 inches, get the extension.

The final verdict – is this Earthquake auger post hole digger perfect for you?

Seriously, this Earthquake auger really works. Owned this for a few years now. This a beautiful machine for fencing etc. I have 2 different sizes. 6 inches and 3. both work very nice. I would recommend it.

If this review and discussion about this Earthquake post hole digger were helpful to you, please let us know. Shoot a comment below with any questions or comments about gardening because your comments or critics are very valuable to us. Cheers!

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