How To Clean A Grow Tent?

Cleaning your grow tent is very important because after some days your grow tent become dirty, full of spider net, and often it clogs by dust.If you don’t clean your tent for a long time your plant may be affected by micro-organisms including fungi, bacteria, spores, and viruses. When you don’t clean or repairing you grow tent for a long time the clog of dust may cover the light reflecting layer.

So, now it is clear that if you don’t clean or repairing you grow tent regularly the plant may not get the perfect environment to grow up. So you must clean your grow tent in a certain time period. Now we will discuss the proper way of cleaning a grow tent.

To make proper clean of a grow tent you should follow some steps…
5.Grow systems

To clean the above parts of a grow tent one by one you need some chemical and other instruments like rubber gloves, a goggle, washing-up sponges, bleach, 35% strength Hydrogen peroxide, a soft fabric cloth, a dustpan, a brush, mop, bucket, hot water. Besides these, you must have enough time for cleaning your grow tent properly.

The first step of cleaning a grow tent is switched off all your electric device of your grow tent expect your extraction fans because it helps to remove any bleach fumes and keep you from passing out. Then put on your rubber gloves and your goggle for the protection when using bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

Then followed the above steps……


At first, keep out all things of a grow tent and make the grow tent empty. But you keep your light and hanging stuff in place because the lighting helps you in cleaning. But be sure to clean the flower, grow trays, freestanding fans, reservoirs, pumps, root balls, and harvested plants. Sweep away debris off the floor especially the old flowers, leaves because these are favorite for pests and mold. Then fill a mop bucket with the hottest water your hand can stand, add 3/4 of a cup of strong bleach for every gallon of water that’s 50 milliliters per liter.

best grow tent

This blast away any mold spores, insect eggs, pollens and anything else that shouldn’t be there. Mop you grow tent floor with the bleach solution. If your walls were not made of porous plasterboard sponges those down too. Same goes for grow tent.
If you find mold on your walls you’re not ventilating enough. You may want to invest in a dehumidifier too. You can simply rip out your plastic waterproof floor cover and replace with fresh stuff. Cheek for dust buildups on ballasts especially if there fan-cooled. wipe down electrical cords with alcohol-based sterile wipes.

2.Lightingbest grow tent

In this step, you clean your reflector, inside and out using a soft fabric cloth, not paper or abrasives. In this case, you can use 3% vinegar solution and rinse well with distilled or reverse osmosis water to prevent calcium spots. Cheek for dust accumulation on top of your reflector too. And use a standard window cleaning product to buff up the glass panels on air-cooled hoods. Wipe your bulbs with dry cloths.


Your intake filters and bug screens will inevitably get clogged. This means they are doing their job properly. Slip them off and bash out the dust inside and put them in a washing machine. Same goes for your carbon dust filter sleeve. Dry them before slipping them back on.

4.Irrigation and Grow systems

best grow tentYou can cleaning and sterilizing your grow trays and plastic pots using a hydrogen peroxide solution that contains two parts of water one part of 35% hydrogen peroxide. You can make a bath for it by soaking tools and smaller items like air stones, pumps, irrigation tubes, propagation lids, and trays etc. You should scrub larger items like a reservoir, by hand removing all that scum and then be rinsing thoroughly. Remember to open your submersible pumps and clean out your filters. In this case, the hydrologic reverse osmosis water purifier has been doing an excellent job.

5.Meters and Supplies

After finish these you need to clean your meter and supplies. And you never forget to calibrate those PH meters. You may also want to stock up on handy supplies like spare PH probes, KCL storage solution, calibration fluids, Cal-Mag, and latex black gloves.

If you notice that your grow tent is full of spider net and you want to clean your grow tent from the spider mite infestation, in this case, not only bleach can solve your problem you also need the help of hydrogen peroxide.For a good cleaning of your grow tent you also need to clean all of your clothes, towels used, equipment used, fan ducts, storage areas, etc.

For more information about the grow tent cleaning you can see the full video below…

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